Gaurav Gupta
                                        Corporate Communications, Minda Industries Limited

There are many things we use today that have been a result of some great ideas pursued relentlessly by those who conjured them up. Some examples are pasteurized milk, airplanes, the light bulb, computers, radio, cars etc. the list is endless. Each and every one of these ideas faced ridicule and criticism when first voiced. We have to be thankful for the persistent endeavor that ensured that some dreams come true. Countless other dreams may have withered at the onslaught of opposition; human race may be poorer for having lost many a workable idea at the altar of ridicule.

Ridiculed ideas that boomeranged…. With a bang !!

Familiar with Louis Pasteur's theory? There is an interesting story attached to it. “Louis Pasteur's theory of germs is ridiculous fiction.” So said a person whose words were greatly valued. We thank our lucky stars Pasteur was not disheartened by such words. Similar is the story of Christopher Columbus when he set put on his voyage to discover new sea routes and lands. He faced heavy criticism. He persisted and with the support of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella went on to create history. In all the examples, it was the attitude that made the big difference- I can do it!

If Thomas Alva Edison gave you some advice would you accept it? Most probably yes. But luckily for us, Ford did not take his advice. Edison was convinced that Ford's idea of a motor vehicle would not work and asked him to come and work for him instead. But Ford persisted, his first vehicle had no reverse gear, but after that there was no looking back. What spurred him on? His never say die attitude. His conviction in his ability to give shape to his idea.

The right attitude towards realizing your dreams

It happens to every new idea, every new thought that comes out of the boundless human imagination. People, who are able to withstand the onslaught of ridicule, handle criticism in a constructive manner and have an unshakeable faith in their ability to perform, rise above the ordinary and make their mark in history.

All ideas are not feasible and some do deserve all the criticism they get. This however should not be an impediment for an achiever. One should have the right attitude towards criticism. One should be able to analyze the objections to an idea, if the objections are indeed valid, and make attempts at improving upon the idea. Like Ford did to his vehicle without a reverse gear. The next one had this added feature. He took criticism in a constructive manner and fared better.

To achieve something you have to believe in your convictions and in your ability to achieve. This is not to say that all the ideas are excellent and workable, but if you believe in your idea and give it your best shot, you will rise above the ordinary. As history has shown us time and again, feasible ideas backed by uncompromising endeavour have gone on to create great things.