Let’s Talk – Quarterly Newsletter of AmityCARE

The purpose of AmityCARE is to research, organize and disseminate information about educational / career avenues, to counsel the students & support the counselors with regular information & training opportunities. In continuation of this endevour AmityCARE has launched its quarterly newsletter, Let’s Talk. It aims at providing an interactive platform to all the counselors, teachers and parents and enables them to exchange views and get well researched information.

The maiden issue of this newsletter provides comprehensive coverage of the most talked about subject of recent times i.e. Nanotechnology. We have tried to give you a wholesome idea about the subject by covering a session of Nobel Laureate Harold Walter Kroto, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the his pioneering work in the field of Nanoscience in 1996.

In the second edition of the newsletter, we share with you an inspiring old story that talks about the impact teachers have on our lives. We also chart the trends in Forensic Science and Biotechnology. This edition brings to you views of two ladies from different spectrums of public life, yet similar in their conviction: Dr. Kiran Bedi and Nafisa Ali.

The counselor community should use Let’s Talk as a platform to start a mission of best practices and knowledge sharing in counseling. You can send in your contributions, which will be published in the upcoming issues. We extend our untiring support.