Mr. Mathew Cherian
The Cheif Executive of help age of india
on the occasion of Counselor Meet - II

Mr. Mathew Cherian, the Chief Executive of Help age India . shares his thoughts with school counselors & teachers at the Counselor Meet organized by AmityCARE. A well learned, humble man, who left his well paying job of an oil driller to devote his life for the services of the old people of India.

Devote a part of your valuable time
He expressed that each one of us must devote a part of our valuable time from our busy schedules, to our elderly parents who are aging and are sometimes incapable in taking care of themselves. Mr. Mathew Cherian spoke about Helpage India and the ways by which a common man can make a difference in a person's life.

Serving people helps you help others
Mr. Cherian said “SERVING PEOPLE HELPS YOU HELP OTHERS” He highlighted upon the need to make a universal effort to remove poverty as he said the cause of poverty is due to the lack of a universal responsibility. He said we all can make a small difference if we love our neighbours, love our fellow workers and finally love our society.

Inculcate the values of caring for the elderly in a child
To this universal doubt, Mr. Cherian answered “Charity begins at home and children tend to imitate the actions of their elders. If we as responsible parents care for our old parents, run small errands for them, be there just to listen to them, our children slowly shall do the same when they grow into responsible individuals. Also one can take them to old age homes and show them how to donate clothes and belongings to the more needy sections of society so their little minds can learn to value things in life.”

A word of advice to the youth who want to study and settle abroad
The youth may find better opportunities abroad to make a career and they must pursue their dreams but they should cater for the needs of their elderly parents and not leave them in isolation. It's important that the children keep in touch and call often from abroad and not forget their parents bedazzled by the materialistic world.

Mr. Mathew Cherian also focused on the concept of DASWANT which is giving a small part of your wealth or income to the poor and needy. It is a universal truth that the more you give, the more you shall receive. He gave examples of many noble souls who donate clothes, food, time and money daily to poor people, anonymously.

However busy one may get in ones daily schedule, yet, one should never ignore or forget the very people who nurtured us to be what we are today.