AmityCARE DISHA – Achievers’ Series



AmityCARE DISHA – Achievers’ Series
, as a part of its Students’ interfaces, organized a meet that became a confluence for corporate honchos, each of whom was a maestro in his respective field. The four hour long interactive session gave an insight into careers related to the world of Marketing, Hospitality and Retail Management. An audience of 250 students from schools across Delhi along with Amity students and faculty members were first addressed by Dev Amritesh, Chief of Marketing, Domino’s Pizza India Ltd. Amritesh through his articulate speech and deft humour, gave the gathering an insight into the ropes of the world of marketing; the skills, qualifications and predilections required in order to carve a niche in the profession. According to Amritesh, “An amiable and social temperament along with a knack for number crunching came in handy while pursuing a career in marketing.”

The dais was later taken over by Andrew William Steele, General Manager, Shangri-la Group of Hotels who clearly drew out an architectural view of the hospitality industry, its pros and cons and mantras to success. Steele also emphasized the importance of having the right attitude in order to make a career in the hotel world a successful one. “Titles can get you a position but not respect. It is your attitude that keeps you afloat with your people. What is important is how comfortable you make your people feel. How humanely do you listen to their problems,” said Steele. Steele seemed to be a perfect practitioner of his preaching as the students found his attitude and demeanour quite enamouring. “I loved Daniel Steele’s attitude. He was quite forthright and gave both pros and cons of the hospitality industry. If he glorified it, he also highlighted its loopholes,” said Kartik Khanna of Amity International School Saket.

The last speaker, Anadi Sinha, General Manager, Human Resources, Pantaloon Retail India Ltd., brought in hues from the world of retail and the efficient and pivotal role played by the staffing body or the Human Resource department. While, he mentioned the intricacies of the retail business, he introduced the audience to important concepts like ‘Moments of Truth' that are at the foundation of well-managed organizations. The expert also emphasized the crunch of good professionals and that the selection process selected people at the ratio of 1: 100. But the mantra according to Sinha remained the penchant for learning and picking up the ropes of the trade. “If I see the spark and the desire to learn in an individual, I will surely hire him/her.”    

The interaction culminated with a run down on available courses in management at under-graduate and post-graduate levels at Amity and other Universities.
The experience turned out to be an overall enriching one and equipped many with the conviction of pursuing one of the three professions once they bid adieu to school life.

'I got a lot of clarity on what I want to do in the future. I have always wanted to pursue a career in marketing and Dev Amritesh’s lecture further cemented my intention", said Preeti Aggarwal of Ryan International School. “I was thoroughly impressed with Anadi Sinha. I think he explained the retail sector and its modus operandi very well. I was shocked to understand how the organized retail sector has come to India in a big way,” said Harsh Aggarwal of Salwan Public School.