About us

Today, the youth is finding it more and more difficult to choose what is best for him due to the numerous career options around. We, at Amity, see an opportunity in this problem. After having counseled thousands of students, parents and even grandparents we felt the need to simplify this process by providing timely and professional guidance. AmityCare is the product of our endeavour in this direction.

It's a unique project to address career, psychological, interpersonal and communication issues of students. Special modules have been designed for interface with school counselors to equip them to handle school queries.


AmityCARE is counseling endeavour that:

  • Provides a link between the student community and the professional world.
  • Fecilitates students to make the decision of choosing a profession perfect for them.
  • Shares its expertise and knowledge on the multiple career avenues available today.
  • Provides the latest industry information, thoroughly researched and compiled in an interesting and easy to understand manner.
  • Focuses on the all-round development of students.
  • Offers a special outreach programme that supports schools and colleges to make the facility easily available to students.


In its endeavour to prepare the students for the upcoming careers, AmityCare believes in:

  • Giving career guidance by professionals (workshops and online) to help them make the best decision.
  • Regular interaction between students and industry experts.
  • Studying industry trends and opportunities.
  • Bringing synergistic inputs of parents, school teachers, counselors and soft-skill trainers to maximize the students' ability to make the right career choice.
  • Advising on training options for personality enhancement, communication skills, adolescent issues, confidence building and interview handling skills.


  • Counsellor Communities provide career guidance at students' doorstep. AmityCare provides sufficient and well-researched information about career options, thus saving their precious time and energy.
  • Regular interaction with professionals from specialized fields, introduction and interaction with industry experts give students the much-needed grounding in the challenges of a particular career, and help them gauge their personal suitability to it. This helps in growing performance at a later stage.
  • Providing exposure to ever-changing career routes and latest trends that will help students, parents and school counselors think beyond the existing career choices. For instance, a decade ago no one knew that call centers existed, let alone provide highest employment, salaries and state-of-the-art workplaces.
  • Career magazines are provided regularly to students to keep them well-informed about the latest happenings in the industry and society.


AmityCare shares your concern of nurturing a successful and promising tomorrow for every student. It understands that schools and universities are constantly trying to provide students focused teaching, a productive environment and qualified teachers to equip them to avail best career opportunities. Sharing this concern with you, AmityCare brings a team of experts from various industries to guide your students. It constitutes a community of leading counselors, who create awareness and import quality perspective. Special workshops are organized on a regular basis for teachers and school counselors to realign their skills and knowledge.

This not only helps you steer the future of your students, but also reiterate your commitment.


The core team at AmityCare comprises highly competent professionals from a cross-section of industries such as media, technology, publishing, education and marketing. It also brings on board career counselors, psychologists, trainers and experienced career advisors such as Usha Albuquerque, Asha Nayyar and M. Kapoor, to mention only a few.


At AmityCare, we combine an attitude of constant counseling, teamwork and scientifically developed programmes to help students reach their goals and contribute positively to their communities.